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Is There a Cure for Chronic Prostatitis?

Is There a Cure for Chronic Prostatitis?

The question as to whether there is a cure for chronic prostatitis does not offer a simple answer. When prostatitis is bacterial, antibiotics can cure the problem and eradicate the bacteria. However, in most cases of men diagnosed with prostatitis, the prostate is not the source of the symptoms.

Antibiotics, alpha blockers, or anti-inflammatories typically do not cure nonbacterial prostatitis. It has been our experience that the symptoms of the majority of men we have seen diagnosed with chronic prostatitis are associated with chronic muscle tension in the pelvis. Almost none of the men we have seen clinically ever had prostate infections nor have antibiotics helped them. That is to say, it is our view, based on our clinical experience, that most cases of chronic prostatitis we have seen are caused by a self-feeding cycle of tension, anxiety pain, and protective guarding within the pelvic basin. This is the new emergent understanding of chronic prostatitis that is often ignored by conventional medical treatment. Our book, A Headache in the Pelvis, goes into this in detail.

That being said, it is possible for the symptom of muscle based prostatitis to significantly reduce or resolve, and a normal, happy life can begin again. Even when this occurs, under periods of stress the symptoms can flare up. This flare up of symptoms can typically be resolved using the Wise-Anderson Protocol.

For this reason, we do not say that this is a cure for chronic prostatitis per se because the symptom of muscle based prostatitis can recur under periods of stress. The tendency for anxiety, pain tension, and protective guarding often reasserts themselves. We do not say that our protocol is a ‘cure’ but instead, we say it is a method that allows a majority of men, for whom all other treatments have failed, to learn a method to help themselves throughout their lives. If you are showing  prostatitis symptoms and you’re looking for help, you can read about our protocol and the research we have done demonstrating the efficacy of our protocol.

NOTE: While it is our hope that these facts about chronic prostatitis are helpful, this information is not to be misconstrued as medical advice. This should be presented as general information about the disorder.